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High pressure discharge DRLF lamps

DR (ДР) – дуговая ртутная
L (Л) - люминесцентная
F (Ф) – для фотосинтеза растений

DRLF lamps have increased radiation range in red range of spectrum, reflective layer on internal bulb surface and designed photosynthesis of plants in hot beds. They are used in radiation machines with corresponding start controlling devices.

Vertical burning position with upward capped.

Suitable for growing plants in:
- hotbeds and green houses;
- orangeries;
- phytotrons

Main consumers: greenhouses.

Advantages :
- reliability, rare break downs in first 3800 hours of burning.

Loading information

Name Weight Number in a box Weight (box with lamps) Box size , mm
gr piece kg length width height
ДРЛФ 400-2 300 12 4,75 516 390 314


Name Pow. Voltage Current, А Phyto flow
Phyto return Size,
any more mm
Lamp coloration Lamp cap type Bulb
Watt V work starting after
10 h
100 h
ITF/Watt L D
ДРЛФ 400-2 400 120-150 3,25 7,2 25500 25500 62,5 178 76 white Е 40 ellipsoid.


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