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GRL factory is a manufacturer of gas filled light sources; it takes one of the leading positions in lighting engineering industry. Expansion of market needs in new products leads to the rapid diversification. GRL factory is the enterprise with captive manufacture of light sources:
- glass tubes and light bulbs ;
- hardware items for discharge lamps (electrodes, connection terminals, lamp caps etc.);
- fluorescent double cap low pressure lamps (general purpose, color, special purpose and ultraviolet);
- high pressure mercury arc lamps (like ДРЛ and ДРЛФ lamps);
- high pressure sodium arc lamps (like ДНаТ and ДНаД);
- mixed light lamps (like ДРВ);
- starters .

Among our latest developments there are:
- low pressure fluorescent double-capped lamps (with reduced diameter of a tube-light bulb and lower power consumption);
- high pressure sodium arc lamps 600 w, 1000 w, and double burner lamps (like double-burner arc sodium lamps);
- mercury metal halide arc lamps (like ДРИТ and ДРИЭ).

Manufacture of glass and production departments are being upgraded:
- new glass tubes furnace designed after Italian technology (СЛ 96 glass);
- re-equipment of glass-batch production;
- acquisition of the second modern assembly lines for fluorescent lamps production;
- launch of a new imported compressed air station;
- acquirement of a new wrapping machine for individual lamp packaging;
- purchase of new plate machines.

In the production process there is control of feedstock (at the central plant laboratory) and final output (at the electric bulb testing station) by laboratories that are certified by the State Committee for Standardization of Ukraine to perform measuring and testing.

GRL products are certified and meet the requirements of International Electrical Commission and EU Directives (all products are allowed to have the CE marking).

GRL factory is certified in accordance with requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2000 since 2004 (Certificate №S-07-9416 dated 26.06.2007).

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